Friday, May 28, 2010

Mustache Baby ♥

finding this picture online was the highlight of my day. this adorable little baby adorned with a tiny little hand held mustache is perfect. how fun would this be to take pictures of you little guy with a cute little mustache.

not to mention his adorable little onesie t-shirt. it makes for a perfect picture.

i just love babies. i was playing with our neighbors little girl the other day. and she is just perfect. she has chubby little rolls all down her legs and the cutest little baby pouted lips. her mama was teaching her 'if you're  happy and you know it' and she was so excited to clap her hands at the exact right time! she was so adorable. her little romoper had pink flowers all over it and her tiny little shoes matched. it was the cutest picture.

i can't wait until one day, i have a baby of my own to dress and play with. one day, it will happen. ♥

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