Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Edible Crayons

how cool are these edible crayons? for little kids that eat their crayons, this is a good and healthy alternative.
" Processed nuts, sesame seeds…and moistened with melted marshmellow. The consistency should be somewhat dense and clump together with a squeeze. Another color set, processed corn, nuts, yellow fruity pebbles, bee pollen, super healthy. Before it was powdered, here are the whole ingredients..I used freeze dried corn as well (this stuff is SO good as a snack…SO GOOD..better than tastes like real corn but just dried…but super light not like normal dried corn), I also used peanuts, bee pollen, dried bananas. Each crayon was made with color divisions. Yes the flavor is based on colors, not actual flavors… Three ingredients I used for all of the health bars were choco covered sunflower seeds, fruity pebbles (organized by color) and melted marshmellow (heat in pan with a bit of water and mixed with powdered ingredients to get clay-like texture..then put it in the mold and let it air dry..Don’t bake these, they will change color..when they are dry they become like biscuits). Also, you can add a bit of powdered or liquid food coloring (don’t add a lot) to the powdered ingredients to give them a color boost. "



  1. super cute! and what a good idea! i love this! absolutely love it! <3

    i will have to look for good recipes so that i can make this for my nephew! :) thanks baby onesies!

  2. LOVE THIS! Just found you on my cousin's blog... Baby Nolen's Journey. I definitely look forward to following you and checking out the cool stuff you have on here!

    I'm at
    ~Tara :)

  3. Oh neat. I haven't seen these before. I'm a little behind but I'm following you from FMBT: